Gryphon Publishing Group, Inc. releases their newest book “AmerWrecka” which chronicles the current state of our union, foreshadows upcoming economic and startling geopolitical events and highlights the November 2012 election.

AMERWRECKA is written in the spirit of Thomas Paine's immortal classic “The American Crisis,” which officers read to their troops on Christmas Eve of 1776 before crossing the Delaware to attack the British in the Battle of Trenton.

Unlike other books talking about the decline of America or America being at its crossroads, this Book shows that America is on the wrong track and headed for its needless destruction unless the President is voted out of office this November.

And unlike other authors bemoaning the sad state of affairs in America, D. E. Carpenter names names, calls out the bad guys, and states in no uncertain terms what must be done to save America from its imminent collapse.


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